Welcome to Desert Hills III East
Homeowners – this is your website. Please take the time to register so you can keep up to date and view our neighborhood directory online. You will find information regarding HOA news, policies, committee information, upcoming events in and around our HOA and more.
Prospective Owners – We hope this website provides you with an introduction to our HOA as well as information including our Bylaws and CCR’s.  Located under our Looking Ahead section we have provided a new members guide for you to get acquainted with our HOA.

Helpful Information

Architectural and Landscaping
As per the CC&R's, before you undertake any changes to the exterior of your house/yard, you need your plans approved by the Architectural Review Committee (ARC). New installations and changes, repainting, screen doors and windows require approval by the Architectural Committee.  If in doubt, ask.
Are you new to our HOA? 
You may find our New Members Guide helpful.  You can find it under the Looking Ahead link at the top of the page or CLICK HERE.
Snake Removal Hotline 
(GVFD) 520-629-9200
Littering and Trash Dumping Hotline
(ADOT)  877-354-8837
Updated on August 12, 2023

Member Announcements

Ladies Luncheons
Do you want the monthly ladies lunches to continue? We are looking for someone to take responsibility for scheduling this popular event. Alice will be glad to share info.
Pre-emergent and More
Several years ago our Maintenance Committee stopped spraying weed pre-emergent chemicals on our common areas. This practice ceased because we noticed that some of our plantings were in distress and dying. At the time, after contacting an arborist, we were notified that there were similar situations in other Green Valley neighborhoods and after some soil testing it was suspected that the pre-emergent spraying could be the cause.
This note is a reminder to all owners that the common area maintenance must be left to our committee.  We suggest that you please refrain from using pre-emergent sprays on your property and especially do not use them on the common areas.
View past announcements on our Minutes & Announcements or Area News page.
Updated on June 19, 2023

Calendar of Events

National Good Neighbor Day
Thursday, September 28th
Buffelgrass and Invasive Plant Species Forum
Thursday, September 28th, 9:00am at GVR East Center
Benson Butterfield Rodeo
Saturday, October 14th to Sunday, October 15th at Benson, AZ
HOA Board Meeting - October
Thursday, October 19th, 7:00-9:00am MST at Desert Hills Social Center
Fall Fling Social Gathering
Friday, November 3rd, TBD at TBD

About Us

Learn more about Desert Hills 3 East!  We are a community of 91 homes that enjoy picturesque views and it is bordered on three sides by large arroyos and many areas of nature space with mature trees, wide variety of shrubs and cacti.  READ MORE >>


Check this out:  Pima County Map of Our HOA and an Aerial View of Our HOA