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Prospective Owners – We hope this website provides you with an introduction to our HOA as well as information including our Bylaws and CCR’s.  Located under our Looking Ahead section we have provided a new members guide for you to get acquainted with our HOA.

Helpful Information

Architectural and Landscaping
We have guidelines for architectural and landscaping changes in our HOA.  Please visit the Committees Menu for specific subjects.  There you can find information you will need to know prior to starting a project. 
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HOA and Area News 
Stay up to date with all the news happening in and around our HOA. Read our announcements page or southern Arizona area news.
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Updated on March 16, 2022
We are always striving to improve our website. Our objective is to insure that both homeowners and prospective owners will find useful information relevant to their requirements. Please use the Contact Us page if you have suggestions for us to consider.  Thank you!

Member Announcements

Let's All Get Weed Free!
This is a reminder, especially for our snowbird homeowners, that it is monsoon season and with the monsoon rains come weeds. For all of us, taking care of our property makes the entire subdivision look good. Hopefully, if you are not here, you have someone looking after your property and, among other things, that means staying on top of the weed situation.
Just a reminder that your neighbor probably does not like seeing your weeds going unchecked while they work to keep their property looking neat.
Also, the HOA does have the authority to have our maintenance people clean up your yard and bill the homeowners for doing the cleanup. Please make sure your property is weed free!
Update: Landscaping and Plants
As mentioned in January, the HOA  Board has been looking into plant die off and irregular growth with many plants in our common areas.  Visit our announcements page to read an update.
View past announcements on our Minutes & Announcements or Area News page.
Updated on August 27, 2022

Calendar of Events

Desert Hills 3 East HOA Board Meeting
Thursday, October 6th, 9:00am MST at Zoom
Green Valley Council's Park Advisory Committee Meeting
Wednesday, October 12th, 9:30AM - 10:30AM at 555 North La CaƱada Drive Suite 121 Green Valley
Ladies Luncheon - October
Friday, October 14th, 12:00 noon at To be determined
Octoberfest presented by the Rotary Club of Green Valley
Saturday, October 22nd, 1:00 - 5:00pm at Historic Canoa Ranch
Green Valley Fall Continental Plaza Show
Thursday, October 27th to Saturday, October 29th at 210 W. Continental Road, Green Valley, AZ 85622

About Us

Learn more about Desert Hills 3 East!  We are a community of 91 homes that enjoy picturesque views and it is bordered on three sides by large arroyos and many areas of nature space with mature trees, wide variety of shrubs and cacti.  READ MORE >>


Check this out:  Pima County Map of Our HOA and an Aerial View of Our HOA