New Members Guide
Welcome to our neighborhood; we look forward to meeting you at our various events and hope you enjoy our HOA. Your HOA Board is ready to answer any questions you might have, please feel free to contact us by:
  1. Using our website at: via the ‘Contact Us’ page
  2. Calling any of our board members.  A list of board members can be found on our website under Board Info and About Our Board
GETTING STARTED IN DH3EAST:  Register on our website.  This will give you access to our member directory and will put you on our mailing list for important news and announcements.
Garbage and Recycling:  Our waste is collected every Monday by Republic Services. The agreement with them is made by the HOA Board and all members use this company. You can call them at 520-745-8820 or go online at:  Please make sure you tell them that it is Desert Hills 3 East.  NOTE: If you are new to Green Valley, then we urge you NOT to put your containers out for collection before the sun comes up due to Javalina activity. Most people do this between 7am-8am.
Water: We belong to the Green Valley Water District is located at: 3290 S Camino Del Sol, Green Valley, AZ 85622.  Call (520) 625-9112 or visit their website at to request new service.
Sewer:  PIMA Wastewater is operated through The City of Tucson for sewer services.   Call them at 520-724-6609 or visit their website at  This service can be placed on a seasonal hold for up to 6 months at a time if you are a part-time resident.
Electricity:  Tucson Electric (TEP) provides electric power to the area.  Visit to get started.  Their number is (520) 623-7711.
Television/Cable:  There are several options when it comes to television service in Green Valley.  Contact the provider for more information.
  • DIRECTV Satellite
  • DIRECTV + CenturyLink DSL Internet
  • DISH Satellite Network
  • Cox Cable TV and Internet
Natural Gas:  If your home has gas service you will need to contact Southwest Gas.  Their number is 877-860-6020 or visit for more information.

We have a 7-member board, who meet at least four times a year. Members are welcome to attend any meeting or to submit areas for discussion to any board member prior to a meeting. The meeting agendas are published on our website and via email, before each meeting. You can find a budget report and minutes of each meeting listed on the website as well. Once a year, in late February, we hold our Annual General Meeting (AGM) and we encourage you to attend these sessions. They are held in the main room at the Desert Hills Recreation Center. You will find a list of board members, their end of term (3 years) and other relevant information under the Board Info link of our website.

(Declaration of Conditions, Covenants, and Restrictions)
As noted above, the full set of HOA Documents can be found on our website and the short list presented here is only a quick guide to some important points of note for new members. Every owner has received a copy of the CCRs on purchase of their property and has acknowledged that they have read them and have agreed to comply with them.
Painting, Landscaping, and Architectural Changes: Before you undertake any changes to the exterior of your house/yard, you require approval from the Architectural Review Committee (ARC). Their contact details can be found on our website, under the Committees. That way, you won’t need to re-do anything which may not comply with our CCR’s. Please see the website for details or Contact us via our website if in doubt. Changes can be anything from repainting, removing items, landscaping, screen doors or windows. We have a Board approved palette of exterior and trim colors to maintain our desert look. This can be found on the website.  The Architectural Committee has sample color packets available for you to borrow. Details can be found in Article 6 of the CCR’s.

The Common Areas: As noted above, the common areas are maintained by Valscape, but we welcome improvements that members may like to make on the edge of their property. Our goal is maintain a desert look and feel and we hope you will agree with this objective. If you want to trim any plants in a common area, or add plants, rocks, etc, please contact the Maintenance Committee or the Architectural Committee. Again their details can be found on the website. See Article 4 for more detail.

Parking: We realize that this can be a new requirement for members who have not lived in a home owners association before. The CCR’s outline the requirements in detail. In summary, cars are to be parked either in a garage or carport on your property. Visitors can park in any of the guest parking areas to keep our narrow streets clear for any emergency vehicles. If you have special or temporary parking needs please contact your Board for special arrangements. We appreciate that occasionally you may need to use the guest parking for longer periods, and we ask that you apply in writing to the board. We do try to accommodate our members’ needs as much as possible. Recreational vehicles can be parked in driveways or guest parking areas for up to 3 days at a time and, again, if you require a longer period, please just ask the board. See section 7.15 for further details.

Other Key Points to Note: 
  • Members maintain the outside light and their outside yards, particularly after the monsoons when weeds thrive. Section 4.2 and 4.3 explain this in more detail. 
  • You will receive your annual HOA dues invoice on January 1st each year; payment is due before March 1st.  
  • Article 7, Use Restrictions, contains key points about clotheslines, flags, antennas, solar panels, garage sales and use of your property as a business. 
Key Documents: We hope you have already read our three key documents, the Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws and our Declaration of Conditions, Covenants, and Restrictions or CCR’s. We have highlighted some key areas for you below. These documents were updated and agreed at our Annual General Meeting in February 2016. You can also find them on our website.
Common Area Maintenance is done by B&A Landscaping who normally work 3 Mondays a month. You can also contact them for private work on 520-444-3240. 

Social Events:  We have an Annual Buffet in January; it starts around 5pm and is held on a Saturday, normally at the nearby Desert Hills Recreation Center. You will receive details before the event, and you can find the date on our website’s calendar. There are normally two other outdoor social events, in November and late March, held in one of our guest parking areas. Again, notice is given in advance and everyone contributes a dish.

Beautification: While the heavy work to maintain our common areas is done by Valscape, we have an active team of volunteers who work during the winter months to re-landscape various common areas. The large project, along Camino del Sol was completed during the 2014-15 winter seasons and involved many of our members. We will send out emails and put notices on our website when a working party is planned. There will also be a board posted at our North Entrance to remind you. Everyone is welcome, for however long you can work. Normally we will work on a project one morning a week for a month or so, which may include planting.

We hope you will find this short guide useful, and again, welcome to Green Valley, and our HOA!
You can print this document for your reference: New Members Information Guide.pdf