Architectural / Landscaping
As per the CC&R's, before you undertake any changes to the exterior of your house/yard, you need your plans approved by the Architectural Review Committee (ARC). That way you won't need to re-do anything that doesn't comply with our CC&R's. Members are reminded that all landscaping, new installations and changes, repainting, screen doors and windows require approval by the Architectural Committee.  If in doubt, ask.
Are you getting ready to paint the exterior of your home?  Before starting don’t forget to contact someone on the Architectural Review Committee.  You will need to obtain proper paperwork and to select one of the approved colors for our HOA. There is a palette of distinctly different colors that keep with desert shades and tones plus complementary trim colors.  Homes in our HOA must be painted with one of our approved paint colors.
For more information about our painting process and our approved paint colors please visit our page on Preparing to Paint
The CC&R's and the Architectural Review Committee are here to protect the value of homes in our HOA. The committee is charged to respond to your request within 30 days; the team aims to answer you within 3 days whenever possible. On that rare occasion a decision can't be reached by the committee, the matter will be taken to the HOA Board. 
DH3 East Paint Policy:  Homeowners wishing to repaint the outside of their residence will be required to have approval from the Architectural Committee.  The outside color of the home must be one of the approved HOA colors.  It is encouraged, but not required, that you consult with your adjoining neighbor regarding the color to promote uniformity for the entire building.  Approved 03/22/2019
Do you have questions about landscaping?  CLICK HERE FOR OUR LANDSCAPING GUIDELINES
How do I get a copy of the DH3 East Architectural/Landscaping Change Request form?
Changes made to the outside of your home must have the approval of the Architectural Committee
2022 Architectural Review Committee:
  • Sandie Lang (Chair)
  • Dave Johnson
  • Roxann Lathrop
  • Bob Seemann
You may contact us through this website for more information.
For less than 1 hour per month, you can be part of our Architectural Committee. Most of our correspondence is done by email and we would love for you to join us. Contact us for more information.