CCR's and More
Declaration of Conditions, Covenants, and Restrictions (CCR's), By-Laws and Articles of In-Corporation
NOTICE:  The Board of Directors worked on revising and restating the Desert Hills 3 Articles, By-Laws and CCRs as approved at the Annual Meeting on Feb 6, 2015.  The new documents were approved by the membership at the annual meeting on Feb 27, 2016 and are listed below.
The new By-Laws and CCRs have been registered with Pima County. The new Articles of In-Corporation have been filed and approved by the Arizona Corporation Commission as attached: ACC Approval April 2016.pdf 
NOTE:  The objective of this exercise was to remove duplication, eliminate contradictions, provide consistency among documents, provide clarity and simplicity of language and document organization and ensure compliance with any revised County and State requirements.   The substance of the documents was not been changed.  
NEW DOCUMENTS approved on February 27, 2016:
Enforcement Procedure
As per our current CCR's, the board can approve an Enforcement Procedure to use if long standing infringements are not corrected. We will of course always try to resolve issues with our members first. Please see the Board Info Minutes & Announcements page for details. 
Updated: April 2016