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GVC Park Advisory Committee - Work on Canoa Hills Trails
KE&G is performing construction work along Camino del Sol to improve pedestrian access to and from Canoa Hill Trails. The cost of the work is $245,000 ($200,000 by Freeport and $45,000 by RFCD). The duration of the work will be from mid November 2019 to mid-March 2020. The project area is on Camino Del Sol from approximately W. Mountain View on the north, to W. Camino Estelar at the south end. The work will include pathway improvements on both sides of the road; curb repairs, modifications & extensions; drainage-way repairs & extensions/spillways; rip-rap erosion protection; and sidewalk ramps as-needed. 
The University of Arizona’s College pf Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture is working with Pima County to provide master development plan. A draft of the initial report will be available in January 2020. The report will provide a site assessment of Canoa Hills and the overall all area and a case review of restoration projects including golf course restoration. The report will be used to initiate public discussion and input for the master plan.
Other maintenance work at Canoa Hills will be on going.
Posted 12/6/2019
Median Adopters Needed!
MedianGreen will plant the median on Camino Del Sol in front of DH III on October 8. Finally! Adopters are needed to water the new plants to ensure their survival and to protect this investment in the beauty of Green Valley. There will be two cisterns placed on the median and hoses will be used to hand water the plants. Can you help? If we find enough volunteers the weekly watering can be shared among several. MedianGreen will provide safety training and vests for the new volunteers. Desert Hills III has provided volunteers previously and has enthusiastically supported this program. Let’s do it again and finish beautifying the street in front of our own homes. Please call Susanne Blodgett at 520-591-4022.
Posted 10/03/2019
The Park Has Been Named
It is official! The new park has been named Canoa Hills Trails--an Open Space Park.  
The Green Valley Council Park Advisory Committee thanks the Board of Supervisors and the Park Commissioners for their approval of the name. Now the County can finalize and install signage for Canoa Hills Trails. The new name fits right in with the other Green Valley County Parks--Historic Canoa Ranch, and Canoa Preserve. We now have "The Three Canoas" as parks!
Chair of GVC Park Advisory Committee, Thao Tiedt
Posted 08/07/2019
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Pima County has been offered the inactive Cano Hills golf course valley lands (Parcel 1 – see map) as a donation for a Green Valley public park (Canoa Hills Park). After reviewing the information provided on this page, do you support the creation of a Pima County public park on these lands ? Note: You may add comments below.

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