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Be Alert  Posted November 18, 2022
Be Alert about anyone or anything unusual in our neighborhood. The Pima County Sheriff's Department is asking Green Valley residents to call 911 immediately when something or someone seems off. “Real Time Crime” is an attempt to educate all of us that the Sherrifs cannot do anything after the fact. They promise to come out and investigate or attempt to locate suspicious persons as soon as a call is received. We have all heard of increased crime, homeless persons and panhandling in Arivaca, Amado, Sahuarita and in other neighborhoods in GV. The Sheriff's Department advises it is easier to keep criminal elements out of our neighborhoods if we can stop them before crimes happen. Call if you suspect. Don't wait.
Dispose-A-Med  Posted March 19, 2022
Many people find they have unused or expired medications in their homes and assume they can just throw them away or flush them down the toilet. The problem is, like everything else we flush, medicines we send down the pipes ends up in our water…and potentially beyond. The Pima County Sheriff's' Department’s Dispose-A-Med program provides a place to properly dispose of these unwanted items safely at 601 N. La Canada Drive. The drop-off bin for these unwanted meds and is accessible to the public Monday through Friday from 8:00 am-5:00 pm. For safety and confidentiality reasons, any items turned over for collection cannot be returned.
They will accept the following items:
  • Pills
  • Capsules
  • Caplets
  • Gel Caps
  • Medicated Patches
They do not accept:
  • Metal or glass inhalation aerosol bottles
  • Syringes or Epi-pens
  • Creams or Liquids
  • Diabetic test strips
  • Powders
For information about the disposal of needles and syringes, please visit the Pima County Health Department website.
Meet the newest villain in the invasive species world, STINKNET.    Posted 03/02/2022
This noxious plant poses public health risks, crowds out native flora, and increases fire risk.  So what's the stink about? Stinknet, AKA globe chamomile, is an invasive plant with a strong unpleasant odor. Growing quickly in dense clusters, it easily replaces native vegetation and spreads rapidly along roadways and open fields. Dried patches are highly flammable, producing caustic smoke that can cause eye irritation and breathing problems. Asthmatics and those with sensitive skin are particularly at risk: just walking through a patch or handling vegetation can cause wheezing, rashes, and burns.

Have you seen this plant? Help our community out by mapping where you find it at ▪️ It will be flowering over the next several months so now is a great time to keep your eyes out! Share this post with other locals so we can all join in the effort together!
Keep Informed   Posted February 18, 2022
Matt McGlone, Community Outreach Coordinator, Pima County Office of Emergency Management gave a recent presentation at the Green Valley Council meeting. He stressed that during an emergency, urgent messaging is very effective.  Pima County has a new mass notification system that can quickly and reliably push emergency messages to numerous devices.  How it works:  Go to the website:  to create a profile and start receiving notifications concerning potential safety hazards, law enforcement situations or any number of emergency situations. There is also a "Ready, Set, Go! program to follow measures in an emergency.  More information is at the website:
High-Speed, Low Latency Broadband Internet
Looking for an alternate internet provider?  Starlink is a satellite internet constellation being constructed by SpaceX to provide satellite Internet access to a limited number of users in our area. Starlink is now delivering initial beta service both domestically and internationally, and will continue expansion to near global coverage of the populated world in 2021. To get more information or to check availability for your location, visit and enter your service address.
Posted February 20, 2021
GVC Park Advisory Committee - Work on Canoa Hills Trails
KE&G is performing construction work along Camino del Sol to improve pedestrian access to and from Canoa Hill Trails. The cost of the work is $245,000 ($200,000 by Freeport and $45,000 by RFCD). The duration of the work will be from mid November 2019 to mid-March 2020. The project area is on Camino Del Sol from approximately W. Mountain View on the north, to W. Camino Estelar at the south end. The work will include pathway improvements on both sides of the road; curb repairs, modifications & extensions; drainage-way repairs & extensions/spillways; rip-rap erosion protection; and sidewalk ramps as-needed. 
The University of Arizona’s College pf Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture is working with Pima County to provide master development plan. A draft of the initial report will be available in January 2020. The report will provide a site assessment of Canoa Hills and the overall all area and a case review of restoration projects including golf course restoration. The report will be used to initiate public discussion and input for the master plan.
Other maintenance work at Canoa Hills will be on going.
Posted 12/6/2019
The Park Has Been Named
It is official! The new park has been named Canoa Hills Trails--an Open Space Park.  
The Green Valley Council Park Advisory Committee thanks the Board of Supervisors and the Park Commissioners for their approval of the name. Now the County can finalize and install signage for Canoa Hills Trails. The new name fits right in with the other Green Valley County Parks--Historic Canoa Ranch, and Canoa Preserve. We now have "The Three Canoas" as parks!
Chair of GVC Park Advisory Committee, Thao Tiedt
Posted 08/07/2019
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