Road Capitalization
Updated on December 22, 2022
Dear Desert Hills 3 East Neighbor,

As you know your HOA board has been reviewing and updating the road capitalization required each year prior to setting the next year’s HOA assessment. This is based on the strategic plan developed in 2017 to ensure that the road maintenance and replacement costs are sufficiently covered in the HOA Road Reserve account when required in order to avoid a special assessment. In 2022 the Road Reserve assessment was $370 and along with the Regular Lot assessment of $205 resulted in an annual total of $575 per property.

Up until now our road strategy included a major rebuild (full replacement) in 2028 with an expected cost of over $400,000. This year a detailed review of our road conditions along with our road contractor Sunland determined that because our roads have continued to be well maintained it is likely that we will not need a full replacement in 2028. Instead, we can use a similar process to the one completed in 2017 which costs significantly less and will defer the full replacement until 2037.

Due to this reduction in anticipated future costs, we have determined that our Road Reserve assessment can be reduced to $315 in 2023. This reduction along with a $205 Regular Lot assessment results in total 2023 HOA dues of $520 per property.

We will review again next year but based on what we know today it is anticipated that the required Road Reserve assessments will increase by $15/year per property.

Please plan to attend the February 25th Annual General Meeting for a more detailed presentation and discussion of the road strategic plan.
DH3 East Board of Directors
Updated on May 22, 2017 and October 28, 2020
As presented in our road strategy and detailed at our 2017 AGM, the board has agreed a contract with Sunland for a 3-phase road improvement project during the spring, summer and autumn. The only road closure phase is the last one and we will keep everyone informed when the dates are confirmed. Sunland will take care of traffic control during all three phases when they are working.
Phase One:
Our Road Contract has been signed with Sunland and they have provided the dates for Phase One. The Crack Seal Application will run from 12-14th of April. They will manage the flow of traffic and you should be able to enter/return to the HOA at any time during this period. Notification to Members from Sunland: Notification Letter Desert Hills III East crack sealing.pdf 
Phase Two: 
Sunland will be adding a Polychip layer during this phase from July 5-7th. There are very important instructions for you to follow:
POLYCHIP (STRESS ABSORBING MEMBRANE)  In this operation the streets will be swept clean and coated with a tough elastic membrane.  The binder goes down at approximately 375°F and is covered with a pre-coated aggregate to form a new elastic wear surface.  During this operation the streets will remain open before the membrane is applied and can be driven on within 15 minutes after application.  Stay clear of the construction equipment during the application, and please keep your speed under 15 mph. All vehicles should be out of the work area before 7:00am or they will be towed off the work area at the owner’s expense.  Sunland Asphalt and Desert Hills III not be held liable for any damage that occurs during towing.  After the aggregate is applied the streets will be swept.  Any touch up work will not affect traffic.  The Polychip is scheduled to be applied on July 5th, 6th & 7th .  
Outside watering should not be done on the day we are in your area.  All sprinklers must be turned off and trash/recycle containers must be removed.  Do not park where work will be performed or where it blocks traffic.  Keep children and pets away from the construction for their own safety.
Phase Three:
Fall, dates to be confirmed. Fog Seal.  This last phase will require members to restrict access to each road, for at least 1 day, as they are sealed.

Below is an overview with details of our Road Capitalization Plan; as discussed and presented in a meeting for members on January 23,2019 and an updated version as of October 28, 2020 and February 2023


Updated Road Capitalization Plan Presentation February 2023.pdf


Updated Road Capitalization Plan Presentation Oct 2020.pdf


Road Capitalization Plan Presentation 2019.pdf