Road Capitalization
Road Report February 24, 2024
Want more information about out roads.  Click here for the complete overview with details of our Road Capitalization Plan; as discussed and presented in a meeting for members on February 24, 2024.  For past reports scroll or view in the left column.
This year we have determined that a less costly poly chip application is available for 2028 than a
rebuild but that rebuild costs could be substantially greater than anticipated in the past. None-the-less the overall annual assessment can be lowered somewhat as a result.
The road assessment has been calculated at $330 per lot for 2024 with an annual increment of $15 per property per year as proposed last year. This model continues to be based on the participation of 89 properties out of 91, assuming that two current owners continue to refuse to pay the assessment. When all property owners are contributing the revenue will be adjusted to reflect that condition. Payments recovered through liens will be applied to the reserve and the model adjusted thereafter.
Proposal to the Board:  It is proposed the road assessment for 2024 be set at $330 with $15 annual increments thereafter that would meet cost demands for a lower rebuild cost in both 2038 and 2046. 

Below are previous Road Capitalization Plans; as discussed and presented in a meetings over the past few years.


Updated Road Capitalization Plan Presentation February 2023.pdf


Updated Road Capitalization Plan Presentation Oct 2020.pdf


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