About Our Board
The top level committee is our HOA Board. The By-Laws document contains details on how the board is elected and functions. The Board meets four times a year and we will endeavor to load minutes for the year within two weeks of the meeting, including minutes from the AGM normally held in January or early February of each year. As of June 2013, we will keep a rolling 18-24 months of minutes available on the website.
Note: Member profiles including contact details via phone and/or email can be found for all of the people listed below in the Neighborhood Directory on this website or by selecting the PDF version below.
Desert Hills III East Board  for 2020
Board Directors (Term Ends)
President: Kathleen Adler (Feb 2022)
Vice President: Andy Barnes (Feb 2021)
Secretary: Donna Harris (Feb 2022)
Treasurer: Ruben Heeszel (Feb 2022)
Rick Hodges (Feb 2023)
Sandie Lang (Feb 2021)
Taylor Martin (Feb 2023)
Committees for 2020
Architectural Chair:  Sandie Lang, Members: Bob Seemann, Roxann Lathrop
Audit:  John Packer
GVC Representative:  Rick Hodges
Road Capitalization:  Gordon Craig
Rooms/Signs:  Donna Harris, Peg DiConcini
Social:  Ardell Hodges and Elaine Anderson
Maintenance and Beautification:  Rick Hodges and Ruben Heeszel
Nominations and Elections:  Taylor Martin
Welcome:  Alice Heeszel - also coordinates the Ladies Monthly Luncheons
Website:  Sandie Lang
We do not use a management company to provide services for the HOA. We have a strong culture of volunteering to insure that an efficient Board of Directors and committee heads are actively working at all times. To enable members to decide if a particular role is suited to their talents, we have described each key job required to support our HOA By-Laws and CCR's. 
They are outlined here:   Desert Hills 3 East Job Specificatoins.pdf
 Posted January 31, 2018