Minutes & Announcements
Key Board Actions of Importance to our Members:   
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DH3 Maintenance Committee Update  Posted January 15, 2021
Work will be done to remove mistletoe from the mesquite tree off the back corner of home at 3149 Placita Sevilla.  The eucalyptus tree at the north entrance of Mountain View will be topped.  The acacia tree on Calle Madrid between homes 3120 and 3114 will be removed.  Rick will try to remove some of the mistletoe from the mesquite tree between homes on Mountain View 1148 and 1142.  From Rick Hodges.
Updated Road Capitalization Plan  Posted October 28, 2020
We have updated the details of our road capitalization strategy and work plan.  Please click here for more details.
2021 HOA Dues   Posted October 10, 2020
At our recent HOA board meeting, a decision was made to increase the annual dues for 2021 by $50.00. This amounts to a $45.00 increase for the road replacement fund and a $5.00 increase to offset increased insurance cost. While we realize this is a sizable increase, it is necessary to keep our road replacement fund on track to avoid a sizable special assessment in the future. Our roads, our biggest expense, are tentatively scheduled for replacement in 2027.  As many of you know, a special meeting was held in January of 2019 to explain our long term road plan. Over 30 people attended and many favorable comments for the proposed road plan were received.  This increase will bring the 2021 dues to a total of $555.00, which are due January 1st, 2021.
Thank you for your attention, Ruben Heeszel for the DH3 board
Fall Social and Beyond  Posted September 22, 2020
As the new social coordinators for DH3, we realize there is usually a fall gathering in our neighborhood.  However, due to the Covid pandemic, we feel that it is a good idea to not have a potluck this fall.  As we see how things change this fall and into 2021 we will see if social gatherings can take place.  We look forward to visiting with you in the near future!
Ardell Hodges and Elaine Anderson, DH3 East Social Chairs
Keep your eyes open
Someone has been dumping trimmings in front of the parking area between 3082 and 3108 S Calle Madrid.  We have had our maintenance crew haul these trimmings away once or twice but we were alerted again today of a fresh dump.  We are asking everyone to keep an eye out and if you see some appearing to dump anything anywhere, this is not allowed.  If you notice something out of the ordinary please let Ruben or any board member know. Thank you.
Annual General Meeting   Posted August 8, 2020
On behalf of the board of directors, you are invited to attend the annual meeting of our homeowners association, which will be held on Saturday, February 20, 2021, at 8am at the Desert Hills Social Center. We will be reporting and voting on several matters of interest, that include:
• Report on 2020 finances
• Budget for 2021
• Election of members to the Board.
Look for more details including the meeting agenda, ballots, and financial information coming in January.
Spring is here, so are the weeds  Posted April 22, 2020
Spring finally arrived and so have the weeds.  We request that everyone take a good look around and remove any weeds that have grown on their property.  It is a requirement of the CC&Rs that properties be maintained free of weeds. The Board is aware of several problems with weeds detracting from the appearance of the neighborhood and, therefore, request that anyone who has a weed problem take whatever action is necessary to correct this problem. 
The CC&Rs provide that:
4.2.2. Each Owner is responsible for landscaping and maintaining the appearance of his/her Lot. This maintenance responsibility includes (but is not limited to) trees, shrubs, grass, driveways, and walks. Owners shall be responsible throughout the calendar year for the control of weeds on their Lots, including fountain grass and desert broom, to prevent an unsightly appearance and the dissemination by wind or water of weed seeds to other parts of the Association or neighboring subdivisions. No shrubs, trees or obstructions of any kind shall be placed in such places as to cause a traffic hazard.
We appreciate your cooperation in keeping our subdivision one of the best around.
Disputes and Wildlife Feeding  Posted March 17, 2020
Click here to read the letter sent on 03/17/2020 regarding the feeding of wildlife and how to handle disputes between neighbors.
Feeding Wild Animals (excluding birds and tree squirrels)  Updated March 7, 2020
The HOA Board would like to remind our residents that feeding Javelinas and other animals outside their property wall is not permitted by Arizona Statute 13-2927 - Unlawful feeding of wildlife. A person who feeds wildlife, except birds and squirrels, intentionally, knowingly or recklessly feeding, attracting or otherwise enticing wildlife into an area commits unlawful feeding.  For more information visit https://www.azleg.gov/ or call Operation Game Thief at 1-800-372-0500.
Annual HOA Dues Posted 11/14/2019
Our HOA dues for 2020 are $505.00 per year.  Dates to remember:
  • January 1st - You will receive your annual HOA dues invoice.
  • February 1st - Payment is due.
  • March 1st - A 10% late charge will be added if not paid.
It's time to check outside lighting.  Posted 06/20/2019
The HOA Board would like to remind it’s residents that according to our CCR’s all homeowners are responsible for making sure that their outside light pole / futures must remain in proper working order to maintain safety for our neighborhood.  There are currently several lights that are not in working order.  Please take a few minutes this evening to check yours and replace any burned out bulbs or make any repairs needed to insure that all of our residents can feel safe in our neighborhood.
4.2.4. Additionally, Owners are required to maintain the outside lighting fixture situated nearest the Street and mailboxes.
A. Lights must be operational throughout the year, equipped with an auto (photocell) on/off design and monitored for burned out bulbs. This means that all Owners, including part-time resident Owners and absentee Owners must provide for electric power flow to remain uninterrupted to the Dwelling Unit or other intermediate point so the outside lighting fixture will always be operating during hours of darkness. Furthermore, all Owners must make arrangements for defective bulbs and faulty on-off sensors to be replaced as necessary whether or not the Owner is occupying the Dwelling Unit.
B. Those with mailboxes and lamp posts are required 1 to maintain them and repair and replace as needed.
C. If an Owner fails to replace burned out or defective components of their outside street lighting fixture, he/she hereby grants an easement for access and repair of such fixture by the Architectural Committee. Any costs incurred shall be reimbursed by the Owner. An invoice for the cost of such maintenance and repair shall be sent to the Owner, and if not paid within 30 days from the date of the invoice, the amount due shall be collectible as part of the Assessment to which the Lot is subject, meaning that the Association may file a lien against the Lot for the amount of said expense in the same manner as the Association may file liens against Lots for the failure of the Owner to pay Assessments and take personal action against the Owner for collection of the amount due.
Notice Regarding RV Parking  Posted 03-2019
Several directors have been notified about RVs parked on the streets in Desert Hills 3 East.  This is a reminder to all residents that RVs cannot be parked on the streets as that violates the CC&Rs, it impedes emergency vehicle access as well as blocking the street for other vehicles.  Please take a few minutes to read our Notice Regarding RV Parking.
Parking on our streets
Statement on parking made early in 2015 by the HOA Board of Directors:  Read the Final Parking Statement here.
Board Approved Enforcement Policy in November 2015  
As per our CCR's, the HOA Board can approve an Enforcement Procedure that will be used after all other means are tried to correct infringements to our rules. A procedure was approved at the November 2015 HOA Board Meeting. Note: the attached procedure was updated in June 2016 to conform to new PIMA County HOA regulations. Board Approved Enforcement Procedure:  Enforcement Policy.pdf
Change to the Articles of Incorporation on July 17,2015  
At the February 6, 2015 Annual Meeting the membership approved a change to the GREEN VALLEY DESERT HILLS No. 3 INC  - ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION.   This change has been registered with the Arizona Corporation Commission and was approved by them July 17, 2015.   The changed article is being published in the Green Valley News on August 16, 19, and 23 of 2015 to complete the registration process. 

A quorum at Annual Meetings will be 10% or more of Green Valley Desert Hills No. 3, Inc. members in good standing being present at the beginning of the meeting, represented by proxy or by authorized absentee ballot. If that quorum is not met the Annual Meeting will be rescheduled within 30 days and the quorum for that meeting be 5% of the Desert Hills 3 members in good standing being present at the beginning of the meeting, represented by proxy or by authorized absentee ballot.

This notice is being distributed to members in parallel with the required publication of the change as a matter of information only.       
A new palette of Exterior Colors was approved at the September 2014 Board Meeting 
Before starting this key project, the Architect Review Committee (ARC) canvassed other HOA's and found that typically they offered a palette of only 4-5 exterior colors whereas the DH3 list contained 15 different colors. Many of our old colors were similar and these were condensed to a palette of 5 (total choice is 8 due to variations) distinctly different colors in keeping with desert shades and tones plus complementary trim colors.
Please review the Architectural Review Committee page prior to starting.  We hope you will find our process simple to use and that it will add value to our properties. We have tried to insure pleasant, consistent desert colors are used in our HOA. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any board member or the Architectural Review Committee.
2021 Board Meetings
Overview of 2021 Board Meetings
(PDF format)
December 10th Meeting
Agenda:  Agenda December 10 Meeting
Budget:   Profit/Loss November 2021
Minutes:  Draft Minutes December 10 Meeting
October 8th Meeting
Agenda:  Agenda October 8 Meeting
Budget:   Profit/Loss September 2021
Minutes:  Draft Minutes October 8 Meeting
March 12th Meeting
Agenda:  Agenda March 12 Meeting
Budget:   Profit/Loss February 2021
Minutes:  Draft Minutes March 12 Meeting
February 20th Annual Meeting
Agenda:  Agenda for February 20 Meeting.pdf
Budget:   Profit/Loss January 2021.pdf
Minutes:  Draft Minutes February 20 Meeting.pdf 
January 15th Meeting (via Zoom)
Agenda:  Agenda January 15 Meeting.pdf
Budget:   Profit/Loss December 2020.pdf
Minutes:  Draft Minutes January 15 Meeting.pdf
Summary from 2021 Annual General Meeting
Our Annual General Meeting will be held at 8:00am via Zoom Meeting on Saturday, February 20, 2021. Please feel free to download and print the information.  A link to the Zoom meeting has been sent via email. We look forward to your participation.  
AGM 2021 Package:  AGM 2021 Package.pdf

AGM 2021 Meeting Minutes: Annual General Meeting Minutes DRAFT 02-20-2021
2020 Board Meetings
Overview of 2020 Board Meetings
(PDF format)
December 11th Meeting
October 2nd Meeting
March 13th Meeting
February 15th Annual Meeting
Agenda:  Agenda for February 15 Meeting.pdf
January 17th Meeting
2019 Board Meetings
Overview of 2019 Board Meetings
(PDF format)
December 13th Meeting
October 25th Meeting
March 22th Meeting
February 9th Meeting
January 11th Meeting
2018 Board Meetings
December 2018 Board Meeting
        Minutes:  December 7 2018 Draft Minutes.pdf
        Budget:  Budget from November 2018.pdf
November (moved from October) 2018 Board Meeting
       Minutes:  November 9 2018 Draft Mintues.pdf
       Budget :  Budget from October 2018.pdf
February 2018 Board Meeting
       Budget Report:  Budget from January 2018.pdf
       Agenda:  Agreed at the meeting with points from the AGM
2018 Annual General Meeting (AGM) on February 24, 2018
       AGM Package including agenda, budgets, ballots, key proposals:  
                         AGM Package for 2018 Meeting held in Febuary.pdf
January 2018 Board Meeting 
       Minutes: January 20 2018 Minutes.pdf
       Budget Report:  (See Budget in the AGM package above)
       Agenda:  January 20 Board Meeting Agenda.pdf  (approved at the start of                       the meeting)
Summary from 2018 AGM
Annual General Meeting Package for 2018: 
Meeting Minutes:
Summary from 2017 AGM
Important to note from the meeting was the review of key actions taken by the board over the last 3+ years, in particularly the road strategy plans for 2017. 
AGM 2017 Minutes:  2017 AGM Minutes.pdf
In summary, it was noted that over the last 3+ years, the HOA Board focused on three large initiatives in order to maintain the integrity of our neighborhood and maintain the value of our properties:
We started first on the vast improvement to the large common area running along Camino Del Sol. Please see the summary in the section below and pictures in our photo albums. 
Next came the two year process to update and improve the clarity of our HOA Documents. They can be found in the Important Documents Link under Key Details at the top of the Home Page.
Lastly, but with the longest duration, is to develop a rolling 30-year road strategy with supporting financial spreadsheet. This is still underway, but the first phase of the 2017 road improvement starts in April with the crack sealing process.
The board thanks the members who attended the AGM and for their supportive remarks regarding the key actions outlined above, particularly regarding the road strategy. 
Overview of 2017 Board Meetings
Note: Please use the 'Contact Us' page if you require a copy of the any meetings held during 2017. Thank you. 
The draft minutes for our October 27, 2017 meeting have been posted along with September's budget report. Dates for next year's meetings were agreed, and will be posted on the website calendar once confirmation from GVR is received. We hope to hold our annual Pot Luck on January 27, 2018 at the Desert Hills Rec Center from 4-8pm. 
We held our last meeting before the spring/summer break on March 24, 2017. An increase of 20% to our transfer fees when purchasing a home was agreed. The cost of event signs for both entrances has been agreed.  
Our first 2017 meeting with the new board was held immediately after the AGM on February 25th. The new officers and key committee chairs were agreed; the most current details can be found under Key Committees.  
We had a quick meeting before our Annual buffet in January to get ready for the AGM. The final AGM package was agreed and circulated after this meeting. 
Governing Documents Process
The 2016 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING (AGM) was held on Saturday, February 27, 2016 at the Desert ills Rec Center. The Board thanked our members at the meeting for their support and approval of the newly revised and restated HOA Documents. They will provide members and the board with a firm basis in operating our HOA going forward as well as providing an easy incorporation of changes required by Pima County or Arizona state law. 
The 2015-2016 review of the process for our key documents:  
Your Board worked during 2015 and early 2016 to amend and revise the Desert Hills 3 Articles, By-Laws and CCRs. This process was approved at the Annual Meeting on February 6, 2015.  

The objective of the exercise was to remove duplication, eliminate contradictions, provide consistency among documents, provide clarity and simplicity of language and document organization, and to ensure compliance with any revised County and State requirements.   There was no attempt to change the substance of the documents. We retained the services of Goldschmidt Shupe to prepare the draft revised documents above. 

A workshop was held on December 19 at the Desert Hills Social Centre, and all members were invited. The Board Members used this time to review all the documents in detail and noted several key changes.  

The meeting was hosted by Directors Kathy Dite and Gordon Craig representing the Document Review Committee. 
NOTE: this was not an opportunity to change the content of the documents, only to simplify and clarify. We were revising and restating. Changes to the new documents will follow as proposed and approved at future Annual General Meetings.

Comments and suggestions were consolidated and presented to Goldschmidt and Shupe to prepare a Final Draft which was posted on February 6, 2016 in this section.   

Notice of the posting and availability of Final Drafts has been sent in an email to all members also on February 6, 2016 and those without emails have been contacted. We are pleased to note that the Final new documents were approved at the AGM held on February 27, 2016. They have been registered with the appropriate authority and our now listed publicly on the Important Documents page, under the Key Details link found on the Home Page.
Revised March 6, 2016
Quick view of key 2014-2016 Board Meetings
Note: please use the 'Contact Us' page if you would like to see the board minutes from any 2014-2016 meetings.  Thank you 
Annual General Meeting Packages: 
Our final meeting for 2016 was held on Monday, November 28, 2016. The annual HOA fees were discussed and the board has agreed and increase of 10%. We also discussed plans for maintaining our roads, and these will be discussed at the AGM on February 25, 2017.  
We held our first autumn board meeting on October 28, 2016 when the board agreed to launch an updated website design alongside the much improved software supporting the site from HOA.Sites. The draft minutes have now been posted.
We held our early spring board meeting on March 18, 2016. The Agenda and draft minutes with the February budget have been posted.
A short Board Meeting was held after the AGM on February 27, 2016. The list of the new Board and officers can be found on the HOA Updates page. The agreed minutes from this meeting have been posted on the same page. 
We held an extra Board meeting on Friday, January 22, to prepare for our AGM. The Agenda, Minutes and December Profit/Loss Reports have been posted on our HOA Meeting Updates page. 
A new palette of Exterior Colors was approved at the September Board Meeting. Please see the Feature Box on this page for an overview of the palettes.