Minutes & Announcements
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Do you have a current Next-of-Kin Contact Form registered with the Desert Hills 3 East HOA? If not, please print this form and update your information.  Posted April 30, 2024
Maintenance and Landscaping  Posted April 2, 2024
Our HOA has a new Maintenance and Landscaping Committee and a new ground maintenance crew. Contact Melissa Marr with your recommendations for common area maintenance work once you have secured neighbors’ agreements. A contract is being finalized with Bert Nido and will be signed soon. He will be working every other Thursday (2 men x 3 hours each). Melissa Marr, our new Chairperson of the Maintenance and Landscaping Committee will provide written instruction for each visit. Services will include curbside clean-up and trimming trees up to 15 feet. (Note: some months will have two visits, some months will have three visits). Initial work done is high quality and initiative has been taken by this new, two-man crew. Also, Bert is available to bid on work for individual homeowners on their own property – all pricing will be negotiated on an individual case basis with Bert (without HOA involvement).  DH3E HOA will not get involved with any discussions between homeowners and this crew – who are available to work in someone’s yard for a fee negotiated by individual homeowners.
Last Call – Storm Damage  Posted April 2, 2024
A lot of us had hail damage from a severe storm back in the Summer of 2022.  Several of our neighbors have had storm related repairs completed in the last two months.  This may be your last chance to file a claim with your insurance company to help with the hail damage.  There may be a two-year window to file claims. 
Be part of your HOA by volunteering for the board.  Posted February 25, 2024
Many Green Valley HOA’s employ expensive Management Companies to undertake things currently done by our volunteer Board. Participation on the Board is not very time-consuming. Board members are asked to attend four 1-hour board meetings (in person or via zoom - Jan, March, Oct, Dec) plus the Annual Members meeting held in February. It is a three-year term and does not require one to be a full-time resident. Each Board member is also asked to participate on one committee or serve as an officer.  Contact us to get more information.
2024 Board Meetings
Overview of 2024 Board Meetings
(PDF format)
January Meeting (Desert Hills Social Center)
Agenda:  Agenda January 18 Meeting.pdf
Budget:   Profit/Loss December 2023.pdf
Minutes:  Final Minutes January Meeting.pdf
February Meeting (Desert Hills Social Center)
Agenda:  Agenda for February 24 Meeting.pdf
Budget:   Profit/Loss January 2024.pdf
Minutes:  Final Minutes February Meeting.pdf
March Meeting (Desert Hills Social Center and Zoom, contact us for a link)
Agenda:  Agenda March 21 Meeting.pdf
Budget:   Profit/Loss February 2024.pdf
Minutes:  Draft Minutes March Meeting.pdf
October Meeting (Desert Hills Social Center)
Agenda:  Agenda October 17 Meeting.pdf
Budget:   Profit/Loss September 2024.pdf
Minutes:  Draft Minutes October Meeting.pdf
December Meeting (Desert Hills Social Center)
Agenda:  Agenda December 12 Meeting.pdf
Budget:   Profit/Loss November 2024.pdf
Minutes:  Draft Minutes December Meeting.pdf
2023 Board Meetings
Overview of 2023 Board Meetings
(PDF format)
January Meeting (Desert Hills Social Center)
Agenda:  Agenda January 13 Meeting.pdf
Budget:   Profit/Loss December 2021.pdf
Minutes:  Draft Minutes January Meeting.pdf
February Meeting (Desert Hills Social Center)
Agenda:  Agenda for February 25 Meeting.pdf
Budget:   Profit/Loss January 2023.pdf
Minutes:  Draft Minutes February Meeting.pdf
March Meeting (Desert Hills Social Center)
Agenda:  Agenda March 30 Meeting
Budget:   Profit/Loss February 2023
Minutes:  Minutes March Meeting
October Meeting (Desert Hills Social Center)
Agenda:  Agenda October 19 Meeting
Budget:   Profit/Loss September 2023
Minutes:  Final Minutes October Meeting

December Meeting (Desert Hills Social Center)
Agenda:  Agenda December 7 Meeting
Budget:   Profit/Loss November 2023
Minutes: Final Minutes December Meeting
2022 Board Meetings
Overview of 2022 Board Meetings
(PDF format)

January Meeting (via Zoom)
Agenda:  Agenda January 14 Meeting.pdf
Budget:   Profit/Loss December 2021.pdf
Minutes:  Draft Minutes January Meeting.pdf
March Meeting (Desert Hills Social Center)
Agenda:  Agenda March 17 Meeting
Budget:   Profit/Loss February 2022
Minutes:  Draft Minutes March Meeting
October Meeting (via Zoom)
Agenda:  Agenda October 6  Meeting
Budget:   Profit/Loss September 2022
Minutes:  Draft Minutes October Meeting

December Meeting (via Zoom)
Agenda:  Agenda December 9 Meeting
Budget:   Profit/Loss November 2022
Minutes:  Draft Minutes December Meeting
2021 Board Meetings
Overview of 2021 Board Meetings
(PDF format)

December 8th Meeting
Agenda:  Agenda December 8 Meeting
Budget:   Profit/Loss November 2021
Minutes:  Draft Minutes December 8 Meeting
October 8th Meeting
Agenda:  Agenda October 8 Meeting
Budget:   Profit/Loss September 2021
Minutes:  Draft Minutes October 8 Meeting
March 12th Meeting
Agenda:  Agenda March 12 Meeting
Budget:   Profit/Loss February 2021
Minutes:  Draft Minutes March 12 Meeting
February 20th Annual Meeting
Agenda:  Agenda for February 20 Meeting.pdf
Budget:   Profit/Loss January 2021.pdf
Minutes:  Draft Minutes February 20 Meeting.pdf 
January 15th Meeting
Agenda:  Agenda January 15 Meeting.pdf
Budget:   Profit/Loss December 2020.pdf
Minutes:  Draft Minutes January 15 Meeting.pdf
2020 Board Meetings
Overview of 2020 Board Meetings
(PDF format)
December 11th Meeting
October 2nd Meeting
March 13th Meeting
February 15th Annual Meeting
Agenda:  Agenda for February 15 Meeting.pdf
January 17th Meeting
2019 Board Meetings
Overview of 2019 Board Meetings
(PDF format)
December 13th Meeting
October 25th Meeting
March 22th Meeting
February 9th Meeting
January 11th Meeting
2018 Board Meetings
December 2018 Board Meeting
        Minutes:  December 7 2018 Draft Minutes.pdf
        Budget:  Budget from November 2018.pdf
November (moved from October) 2018 Board Meeting
       Minutes:  November 9 2018 Draft Mintues.pdf
       Budget :  Budget from October 2018.pdf
February 2018 Board Meeting
       Budget Report:  Budget from January 2018.pdf
       Agenda:  Agreed at the meeting with points from the AGM
2018 Annual General Meeting (AGM) on February 24, 2018
       AGM Package including agenda, budgets, ballots, key proposals:  
                         AGM Package for 2018 Meeting held in Febuary.pdf
January 2018 Board Meeting 
       Minutes: January 20 2018 Minutes.pdf
       Budget Report:  (See Budget in the AGM package above)
       Agenda:  January 20 Board Meeting Agenda.pdf  (approved at the start of                       the meeting)