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We need your help!  Posted November 11, 2023
Many Green Valley HOA’s employ expensive Management Companies to undertake things currently done by our volunteer Board. Next year we will have three openings on our seven-member Board so we need your help.  Please take a few minutes to read the following information. Click here 
Ladies Luncheons  Posted April 24, 2023
Do you want the monthly ladies lunches to continue? We are looking for someone to take responsibility for scheduling this popular event. Alice will be glad to share info.
Pre-emergent and More Posted April 24, 2023
Please note that several years ago our Maintenance Committee stopped spraying weed pre-emergent chemicals on our common areas. This practice ceased because we noticed that some of our plantings were in distress and dying.

At the time, after contacting an arborist, we were notified that there were similar situations in other Green Valley neighborhoods and after some soil testing it was suspected that the pre-emergent spraying could be the cause.

This note is a reminder to all owners that the common area maintenance must be left to our committee.
We suggest that you please refrain from using pre-emergent sprays on your property and especially do not use them on the common areas.
DH3 East Board of directors.
Common Area Maintenance Posted 04/02/2023
This is a reminder that any maintenance to common areas of our HOA is the responsibility of our Maintenance Control Committee as noted in sections 4.2.3 and 6.12 of our CC&Rs. 
4.2.3. …Trimming of trees and other vegetation located on Common Areas to accommodate views from a Lot is a matter to be determined by the Association, after consulting with the requesting Owner(s) and any neighboring Owners who prefer to retain the status quo. … 
6.12.1. …Owners may not do any landscaping, gardening, or changing the topography, installing any electrical or plumbing or any other type of equipment on the Common Areas without Maintenance Control Committee approval. In addition, section 6.12.2 states that any such changes “shall be submitted to the Maintenance Committee for prior written approval”. 
Our current Maintenance Committee members are: 
Rick Hodges (chairperson)  
Harry Johnson (member) 
There is a convenient form under the Committees/Landscaping/Common Areas tab on our website which can be used to submit written requests or send a request to info@deserthills3east.com.
Thank you for your compliance.
Do You Have a Carbon Monoxide Detector?   Posted 10/28/2022
Recently one of our neighbors in Desert Hills III East had their carbon monoxide (CO) detector go off.  At first they thought the alarms might be defective but Green Valley Heating and Cooling came to their house and tested.  High levels of CO were detected.  It was determined that this was caused by hail damage this summer to the venting on the roof that goes to their water heater.  Please keep in mind that it had been 2 months since the initial storm.  Nor was venting damage caught by the insurance adjuster when they came out to inspect the damage to the roof.

We home that other homes in our HOA are equipped with a CO detector.  It is essential for any homeowner with gas appliances such as furnace, water heater, stove, oven should for safety purposes have carbon monoxide alarms.  There is no smell to know if something is amiss.

We are thankful this homeowner had a working CO detector and encourage you to get one if you do not have one in your home.  They can be purchased for as little as $20.00 and could save your life.
Update: Landscaping and Plants   Posted 06/07/2022
As mentioned in January, the HOA  Board has been looking into plant die off and irregular growth with many plants in our common areas. We met with a Certified Botanist – tree specialist – and toured several common areas. In his opinion, backed up with confirmation from samples sent to a laboratory, the cause is due to Herbicide damage. Chemicals of a particular kind that began appearing on the market just in the last few years. In his opinion, there is not a lot to be done at this point, except water the plants in an attempt to flush out the chemicals remaining in the soil and support the weak plants. This is a challenge as none of our common areas have dedicated water. However, if any homeowners would like to donate water and time to help preserve our remaining plants until the monsoons arrive, we may be able to save some plants. The entire neighborhood would benefit from saving as much plant life in our common areas as possible. The Arborist said that with time, careful pruning and, of course, water, many of the larger trees and some smaller shrubs will  likely survive.  Rick and Ruben, our Landscaping and Maintenance Committee have been diligent about working with the contracted landscapers, trying out new plantings and even sometimes carrying buckets of water to help the plantings. Hopefully, with some help from neighbors, and some monsoonal rains, we may begin to see healthy new growth in the affected plants. Once the areas are on the mend, thoughts can turn to replacing some of the dead plants. The Board thanks you for any assistance you can offer and will keep you informed of the status as we know it – your HOA Board.
Parking reminder  Posted March 18, 2022
This is just a friendly reminder that the guest parking spots are just that, for short term guest parking, not for homeowners overflow vehicle parking. Our current CCR's are clear about parking all home owners’ vehicles in either garages or carports only.  Parking on our Streets is restricted for emergency vehicles, deliveries and short term visitors only. Parking on our Streets is restricted for emergency vehicles, deliveries and short term visitors only. Please take a few minutes to read more about parking in our HOA.
Take a Look Around  Posted February 4, 2022
The Desert Hills 3 HOA Board has recently received complaints about vehicles not being parked inside garages as well as trash cans, recycling containers and ladders being stored outside of garage or yard walls creating unsightly views for neighbors.  We ask that you take a look around your own yard and clean up any unattractive belongings that are in violation of our CCR’s.  Also, take a minute to review our CCR’s regarding owner’s maintenance responsibilities.  CLICK HERE for a current copy.  Note that all repairs to the exterior of your home need to have approval of the Architectural Committee prior to work being completed. Thank you in advance for addressing these issues and keeping our neighborhood looking good.
Landscaping and Plants   Posted January 15, 2022
Dear homeowner, there seems to be a phenomenon developing around southern Arizona neighborhoods with a lot of common area landscaping – of plant die off. We have been hearing of possible fungal infections, pests, possible herbicide damage, possible long term drought stress. At this time it is not clear what is going on, but the HOA Board will be pursuing an explanation and any possible mitigation. We will be consulting certified, licensed professionals (experts) and other area HOA's who may be experiencing similar issues. The Board's first priority is to maintain our common areas in a manner consistent with our established neighborhood standards. We will keep everyone informed as we know more. Certainly we welcome any significant input that would add to our pursuit of an answer. Thank you for your patience and understanding – your HOA Board.
Note:  Remember that according to our CCR's, any changes to the exterior of your home, including landscaping changes, you must complete an Architectural Request Form and submit it to the Architectural Committee for approval.
2024 Board Meetings
Overview of 2024 Board Meetings
(PDF format)
January Meeting (Desert Hills Social Center)
Agenda:  Agenda January 18 Meeting.pdf
Budget:   Profit/Loss December 2023.pdf
Minutes:  Draft Minutes January Meeting.pdf
February Meeting (Desert Hills Social Center)
Agenda:  Agenda for February 24 Meeting.pdf
Budget:   Profit/Loss January 2024.pdf
Minutes:  Draft Minutes February Meeting.pdf
March Meeting (Desert Hills Social Center)
Agenda:  Agenda March 21 Meeting
Budget:   Profit/Loss February 2024
Minutes:  Draft Minutes March Meeting
October Meeting (Desert Hills Social Center)
Agenda:  Agenda October 17 Meeting
Budget:   Profit/Loss September 2024
Minutes:  Draft Minutes October Meeting
December Meeting (Desert Hills Social Center)
Agenda:  Agenda December 12 Meeting
Budget:   Profit/Loss November 2024
Minutes:  Draft Minutes December Meeting
2023 Board Meetings
Overview of 2023 Board Meetings
(PDF format)
January Meeting (Desert Hills Social Center)
Agenda:  Agenda January 13 Meeting.pdf
Budget:   Profit/Loss December 2021.pdf
Minutes:  Draft Minutes January Meeting.pdf
February Meeting (Desert Hills Social Center)
Agenda:  Agenda for February 25 Meeting.pdf
Budget:   Profit/Loss January 2023.pdf
Minutes:  Draft Minutes February Meeting.pdf
March Meeting (Desert Hills Social Center)
Agenda:  Agenda March 30 Meeting
Budget:   Profit/Loss February 2023
Minutes:  Minutes March Meeting
October Meeting (Desert Hills Social Center)
Agenda:  Agenda October 19 Meeting
Budget:   Profit/Loss September 2023
Minutes:  Draft Minutes October Meeting

December Meeting (Desert Hills Social Center)
Agenda:  Agenda December 7 Meeting
Budget:   Profit/Loss November 2023
Minutes:  Draft Minutes December Meeting
2022 Board Meetings
Overview of 2022 Board Meetings
(PDF format)

January Meeting (via Zoom)
Agenda:  Agenda January 14 Meeting.pdf
Budget:   Profit/Loss December 2021.pdf
Minutes:  Draft Minutes January Meeting.pdf
March Meeting (Desert Hills Social Center)
Agenda:  Agenda March 17 Meeting
Budget:   Profit/Loss February 2022
Minutes:  Draft Minutes March Meeting
October Meeting (via Zoom)
Agenda:  Agenda October 6  Meeting
Budget:   Profit/Loss September 2022
Minutes:  Draft Minutes October Meeting

December Meeting (via Zoom)
Agenda:  Agenda December 9 Meeting
Budget:   Profit/Loss November 2022
Minutes:  Draft Minutes December Meeting
2021 Board Meetings
Overview of 2021 Board Meetings
(PDF format)

December 8th Meeting
Agenda:  Agenda December 8 Meeting
Budget:   Profit/Loss November 2021
Minutes:  Draft Minutes December 8 Meeting
October 8th Meeting
Agenda:  Agenda October 8 Meeting
Budget:   Profit/Loss September 2021
Minutes:  Draft Minutes October 8 Meeting
March 12th Meeting
Agenda:  Agenda March 12 Meeting
Budget:   Profit/Loss February 2021
Minutes:  Draft Minutes March 12 Meeting
February 20th Annual Meeting
Agenda:  Agenda for February 20 Meeting.pdf
Budget:   Profit/Loss January 2021.pdf
Minutes:  Draft Minutes February 20 Meeting.pdf 
January 15th Meeting
Agenda:  Agenda January 15 Meeting.pdf
Budget:   Profit/Loss December 2020.pdf
Minutes:  Draft Minutes January 15 Meeting.pdf
2020 Board Meetings
Overview of 2020 Board Meetings
(PDF format)
December 11th Meeting
October 2nd Meeting
March 13th Meeting
February 15th Annual Meeting
Agenda:  Agenda for February 15 Meeting.pdf
January 17th Meeting
2019 Board Meetings
Overview of 2019 Board Meetings
(PDF format)
December 13th Meeting
October 25th Meeting
March 22th Meeting
February 9th Meeting
January 11th Meeting
2018 Board Meetings
December 2018 Board Meeting
        Minutes:  December 7 2018 Draft Minutes.pdf
        Budget:  Budget from November 2018.pdf
November (moved from October) 2018 Board Meeting
       Minutes:  November 9 2018 Draft Mintues.pdf
       Budget :  Budget from October 2018.pdf
February 2018 Board Meeting
       Budget Report:  Budget from January 2018.pdf
       Agenda:  Agreed at the meeting with points from the AGM
2018 Annual General Meeting (AGM) on February 24, 2018
       AGM Package including agenda, budgets, ballots, key proposals:  
                         AGM Package for 2018 Meeting held in Febuary.pdf
January 2018 Board Meeting 
       Minutes: January 20 2018 Minutes.pdf
       Budget Report:  (See Budget in the AGM package above)
       Agenda:  January 20 Board Meeting Agenda.pdf  (approved at the start of                       the meeting)