Green Valley Council
Green Valley Council - a key catalyst for issues in Green Valley
Since 1973, the Green Valley Council through its member Homeowners Associations (HOAs) represent over two-thirds of all Green Valley residents and is as close to a local government as exists in this unincorporated retirement community.
Frequent communication with County, State and Federal government officials and involvement by GVC leadership on decision making bodies on all levels of government, has proved effective in getting things done.  All echelons of government look to the Council as the “Community Voice” of Green Valley. Our HOA is a member of the GVC and a small portion of our yearly fees support their activities.
GVC is the catalyst for issues pertaining to Green Valley area growth and development by providing forums for community discussion and action.  Whatever gets done comes from the spirit of cooperation, mutual respect, volunteerism and personal initiative of our preponderantly retired citizens.
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