Green Valley Council
Green Valley Council - a key catalyst for issues in Green Valley
Since 1973, the Green Valley Council through its member Homeowners Associations (HOAs) represent over two-thirds of all Green Valley residents and is as close to a local government as exists in this unincorporated retirement community.
Frequent communication with County, State and Federal government officials and involvement by GVC leadership on decision making bodies on all levels of government, has proved effective in getting things done.  All echelons of government look to the Council as the “Community Voice” of Green Valley. Our HOA is a member of the GVC and a small portion of our yearly fees support their activities.
GVC is the catalyst for issues pertaining to Green Valley area growth and development by providing forums for community discussion and action.  Whatever gets done comes from the spirit of cooperation, mutual respect, volunteerism and personal initiative of our preponderantly retired citizens.
You can find out further information and contact details at:
To:  All Desert Hill III East HOA Members
About:  Water Distribution System and Responsibilites
The responsibility for repairs and maintenance of the water distribution system water main line and the 1" service line running from the water main line to your water box belongs with the Green Valley Water District.  From the water meter line to your home is your (The Home Owner) responsibility.
The responsibility for repairs and maintenance of the pubic sewer and public manholes belongs with Pima County RWRD. The private sewer which connects from the public sewer to your home is your (The Home Owner) responsibility.  The private sewer line includes the sewer line under the street to the public sewer.
Service Line Warranties of America has partnered with the Green Valley Council to offer "your responsibility" coverage to eligible homeowners.  If interested, you may contact them at or call 1-884-257-8795.
This notice is not an endorsement for Service Line Warranties of America, but rather a "for your information only" notice, by your HOA Board of Directors.  Peg DeConcini, President
Events:   We post key events sponsored by GVC here and our website Calendar. You can also check the calendar on their website (see link above).  
1. GVC sponsored two Biodiversity Projects about Bats (October 18th)  and Buffelgrass (November 9th).
2. GVC is sponsored a Hospital Forum on Thursday, September 27th at the West Center. The CEO, Kelly Adams, will present an update on the Sanata Cruz Valley Regional Hospital from 1pm - 2pm.
3. GVC held another Preferred Suppliers Event at the West Center, on March 21, 2018: 
Preferred Supplier Expo Event.pdf
4. GVC held a public meeting regarding the plans for the Canoa Hills golf course. Updates regarding the Park Task Force and Annual Report can be found on their website. 
1. GVC received a large Memorandum from CH Huckelberry, the Pima County Administrator to the Pima County Board of Supervisors early in June. Note: The motion to increase sales tax failed in June as expected so alternatives are considered in this Memorandum.
An Outline of the Bond Implementation Plan for the November 6, 2018 election can also be found the the 'Current News Page Feature Box'. 
The GVC Executive Committee and the Road Prioritization Committee will be discussing the memo and will be in touch with the Board as they have a plan. If you want to read the Memorandum, please go to the Members only website page, 'Current News Page', and open the Feature Box.  
2.  On Thursday, April 20, 2017, The Board of Representatives voted to increase the dues for HOA members by $2.00 per household.  NOTE:  This fee is incorporated within ​your HOA Annual Invoice; we will now pay GVC $9.50 per lot in DH3East out of your annual fee payment.    
3.  GVC has provided the attached press release regarding a new agreement with Humana Inc and the Green Valley Hospital:    Humana Green Valley Hospital Agreement.pdf
4. You may have received a letter from John Kitzie, CEO of Homeserve. The letter concerns a waterline warranty program sponsored by AARP. This is not the program that the Green Valley Council vetted or now sponsors. The Green Valley Council does not recommend this program. The Utility Service Line Warranties that we recommend will have our letterhead and signature on the letter you receive. Please call us or email if you have any questions.