Landscaping/Common Areas
Updates and Things to Know 
If you have questions about maintenance in our common areas, contact our Maintenance Committee
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PLEASE NOTE:  Processing of this form can be delayed during the summer months due to individual travel plans.  Thank your for your patience.
The CC&R's and the Architectural Review Committee are here to protect the value of homes in our HOA. The committee is charged to respond to your request within 30 days; the team aims to answer you within 3 days whenever possible. On that rare occasion a decision can't be reached by the committee, the matter will be taken to the HOA Board. 
Maintenance and Landscaping  Posted April 2, 2024
Our HOA has a new Maintenance and Landscaping Committee and a new ground maintenance crew. Contact Melissa Marr with your recommendations for common area maintenance work once you have secured neighbors’ agreements. A contract is being finalized with Bert Nido and will be signed soon. He will be working every other Thursday (2 men x 3 hours each). Melissa Marr, our new Chairperson of the Maintenance and Landscaping Committee will provide written instruction for each visit. Services will include curbside clean-up and trimming trees up to 15 feet. (Note: some months will have two visits, some months will have three visits). Initial work done is high quality and initiative has been taken by this new, two-man crew. Also, Bert is available to bid on work for individual homeowners on their own property – all pricing will be negotiated on an individual case basis with Bert (without HOA involvement).  DH3E HOA will not get involved with any discussions between homeowners and this crew – who are available to work in someone’s yard for a fee negotiated by individual homeowners.
Weed Control
Due to the damaged vegetation in the common areas, we will not be spraying any kind of spray until further notice.
Updated April 2, 2024