Maintenance Committee
Updates and Things to Know 
If you have questions about maintenance in our common areas, contact our Maintenance Committee, Rick Hodges.
Maintenance Company
Our common areas are maintained by M&C Landscaping. They will be working on Monday mornings and are available for our members to hire for private work too. They can be contacted at: 520-203-1024.
If you have any questions or issues, please contact one of the committee members listed above. 
Reminder about common areas:
Please remember that we are continuously updating our common areas. The major project along Camino del Sol was completed in April 2015.  Any additions in a common area, including decorative figures and/or large rocks, are not for individual members to add or move elsewhere. If you need something near your house or an adjoining common area, please contact the maintenance committee directly.  Thank you.
University Termite and Weed Control
In order keep (or at least try!) the amount of weeding down, the board has contracted with University Termite and Weed Control, to spray the common areas with pre-emergent 2 times a year and a Roundup type weed killer 6 times a year. They apply 1 round of pre-emergent before the monsoons start and follow up with applications of the weed killer.
Updated February 27, 2022