Architectural Request Form
As per the CC&R's, before you undertake any changes to the exterior of your house/yard, you need your plans approved by the Architectural Review Committee (ARC). That way you won't need to re-do anything that doesn't comply with our CC&R's. Members are reminded that all landscaping, new installations and changes, repainting , screen doors and windows require approval by the Architectural Committee.  If in doubt, ask.
PLEASE NOTE:  Processing of this form can be delayed during the summer months due to individual travel plans.  Thank your for your patience.
The CC&R's and the Architectural Review Committee are here to protect the value of homes in our HOA. The committee is charged to respond to your request within 30 days; the team aims to answer you within 3 days whenever possible. On that rare occasion a decision can't be reached by the committee, the matter will be taken to the HOA Board. 
Thank you.