Parking On Our Streets
Parking Statement 2022
Dear Members,
It has been noticed that there are increasing instances of illegal parking on our neighborhood streets, driveways and common areas. The HOA Board has been notified of several instances and the Board takes our By-Laws and and CCR's seriously.   We will always try to ensure they are followed. Likewise, we want to maintain the congenial atmosphere in our HOA and therefore we will always try to resolve issues with a positive outcome for all parties.  Here are some reminders.
Parking on our Streets is restricted for emergency vehicles, deliveries and short term visitors only.  Our roads are narrow and we need to ensure that emergency vehicles can access our homes quickly when required.
Guest Parking
The guest parking spots are just that, for short term guest parking, not for homeowners overflow vehicle parking.
Members who do not have sufficient covered parking for their vehicles:
Our current CCR's are clear about parking all home owners’ vehicles in either garages or carports only.

We realize that over the short term, you may require an extra car, you may have guests staying for a number of weeks (over ten days), or you have work being done on your home. For these situations, please use guest parking, alert a board member to the situation but do not leave cars on the road overnight.

In the long term, members' cars cannot be parked in guest parking given the reasons above. Also, cars cannot remain in the uncovered driveway.  However, there are always homes that may have covered parking not in use. We suggest you approach your neighbors who may be more than willing to 'rent' or 'loan' you the space. The use of a vacant car port might be exchanged for doing yard work every month or just to make the property appear occupied when it is vacant.

If you have a particular problem, please contact any board member, who will work with you to find a positive outcome for everyone.

Thank you to all members for your continuing support.
Your 2022 HOA Board
Our roads are narrow and we need to ensure that emergency vehicles can access our homes quickly when required. If you have guests, particularly a large number, we hope you will follow these steps:
1.    Use all available guest parking first.
2.    Ask neighbors if their driveway can be used.
3.    Only if there is no other option, ensure that all of the cars are parked on ONE side of the road only to maximize emergency vehicle access. Use end turnings first if possible.
For very large gatherings, you can always reserve a room or outdoor areas at the various GVR centers. Thank you for your support.